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Representing a diverse selection of top christian latin songwriters



Unveiling the brilliance of musical talent, our platform celebrates songwriters as the heart of our industry. With a focus on nurturing creativity and fostering growth, we empower songwriters, producers and artists to reach new heights and amplify their unique voices in the ever-evolving realm of music.

Publishing Administration

Entrust your music legacy to expert hands. Our Publishing Administration service specializes in supporting artists, labels, and songwriters, ensuring organized catalogs and maximizing your musical potential. With over 15 years of industry experience, we foster artist-songwriter relationships and empower your musical journey.

Our focus is and has been on aiding artists, labels, songwriters, and artist managers in organizing, cataloging, and enhancing their musical works. Through our consultancy services, we've assisted in structuring, compiling, and expanding their music portfolios, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic approach to their creative output.

Songwriters Management

Collection Management

We've represented Christian Latin songwriters helping artists, labels, and managers organize and strengthen their music catalogs through expert consultancy. Let's enhance your musical legacy together.

Our mission has been dedicated to supporting artists, labels, songwriters, and artist managers in effectively organizing, compiling, and expanding their music catalogs through our specialized consultancy services.


Digital Distribution

We provide a powerful chain of distribution, music and video,  powered by a strong platform with transparency ande efficiency.


Discover a world of music excellence through our comprehensive services. For over a decade, we've been the driving force behind artists, labels, and songwriters, connecting, organizing, and elevating the music industry.

One Music Global Publishing

Championing a blend of established and up-and-coming Christian Latin songwriters, our selection includes artists like Rene Gonzalez, Jose Luis Reyes,  Marcos Yaroide, and songwriters as Elimart de la Rosa from Oasis Ministry, alongside other promising talents in this vibrant genre.

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