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Marcos Yaroide

Top Christian Artist, responsible for Smash Hit “Todo se lo debo a el”

Meet Marcos Yaroide, the vibrant Latin contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist with a Dominican heritage. His journey in music began in the dynamic duo Tercer Cielo before he ventured into a solo career in 2006. Together with Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Marcos founded Tercer Cielo in 2000, and they released three amazing albums - En Ti (2000), Tercer Cielo (2003), and Ahora Tengo Mas (2005).


However, Marcos eventually pursued his solo path, making a remarkable full-length debut with Cielos Abiertos in 2006.

Just two years later, he delighted fans with his second album, Mi Mejor Alabanza (2008), in collaboration with Machete Music, a subsidiary of Universal Latino.


This album is not only his first major-label effort but also includes a newly recorded version of "Todo Se Lo Debo a El," originally featured on his debut album, with the remarkable addition of reggaetón artist Divino.

Discover Marcos Yaroide's musical world, where passion and faith beautifully intertwine, creating soulful melodies that resonate with the heart. Jason Birchmeier, Rovi's music insights, capture just a glimpse of the captivating journey Marcos has taken in the world of music.

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