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Harmonious Melodies: Uniting Nations through Worship

World Worship was born in 2016 from the heart of musician, producer, entrepreneur, and pastor Amos Ferreras and his wife, Angelina Peña, with the vision of bringing together young people with musical talents who could compose and lead worship from the Dominican Republic to the world. A powerful worship capable of connecting all countries in the world to sing the same thing: the Word of the True God.

World Worship is comprised of young Dominicans: Jamile Gonzalez, leader and vocalist; Jireh Heredia, vocalist; Junior Heredia, guitarist and band director; Ryan Silverio, bassist; and Oscar Tejada as the drummer.

In 2018, World Worship released their first single 'Show us your glory' under the record label Camila Studio, which continues to be the ministry's record label until today.

The band enters a new season after the release of the EP Acoustic Session Das Vida in May 2022, refreshing the group with new members and songs that connect with heaven, among them 'Lucas 7:37,' currently with over a million views on YouTube. Other successes of the group include 'Purify,' with over 2 million views on YouTube; 'Mary (I choose Christ)' alongside the renowned Grace Group; and 'Das Vida' with Kairo Worship.

The band has held massive national events like 'Let the World Worship' in 2019 and 2022, where people from all over the country gathered in one place to raise an altar of worship and present the nation in humility before God. For this event, the ministry traveled throughout the nation, calling for unity, worship, and prayer for the provinces of the Dominican Republic.

World Worship is a group that believes in the power of Jesus, unity, and love. They seek to be part of the worship of millions of hearts worldwide through songs that show who Jesus is and give the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to uplift, restore, and embrace the listener."

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