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Resonating Faith: A Journey through Dominican Christian Music

Isabelle Valdez is a renowned Dominican singer of Christian music, born on August 10, 1981, in San Francisco, Pimentel, Dominican Republic.

Since her beginnings in 1998 with her album "Algodón," Isabelle has stood out as one of the most influential artists in Christian music in the Dominican Republic.


She has collaborated with renowned artists in the genre such as Tercer Cielo, Alex Zurdo, Redimi2, Henry G, Barak, among others.

Throughout her career, she has amassed an impressive track record of 10 nominations at the Soberano Awards, including a win in 2021 in the "Contemporary Religious Music" category.

In addition to her success at the Soberano Awards, Isabelle has been honored with three statuettes at the "El Galardón" awards, which celebrate Christian art and communication in the Dominican Republic, as well as at the "Arpa" awards and a gold record with the album "Apóyate en mí."

Singles like "Por ti peleo yo," "El toque de su gloria," "A Dios le agrada," and "Lenguaje de fe," released throughout her musical career, have allowed her to reach thousands of people worldwide.

Her discography includes albums such as "Algodón," "Regresará," "Apóyate en mí," "El tiempo llegó," and "Tiempos de cambio." Her legacy in Christian music is marked by her devotion to God and her desire to positively impact the lives of those who listen to her.

She is currently part of the One Music Global Publishing family, who manage her music catalog and represent her on all digital platforms.

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