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Cita con
el Padre

Journey of Intimate Devotion

Cita Con el Padre (CCP) is a Worship Ministry formed by youth from different churches in the city of San Pedro de Macorís, united under the same vision: 'To Provoke Genuine and Transcendental Encounters with Our Heavenly Father through Prophetic Times of Worship,' where the movement of God's Presence sparks Revival, Restoration, Liberation, and Salvation in lives.

The ministry began in 2018, holding vigils and intimate worship gatherings solely with musicians, vocalists, and leaders. Extraordinary things happened in each encounter, and new songs began to flow, which have become the songs we enjoy today.

As months passed, we understood that 'We were ignited in intimacy, and God placed us in public to ignite others.' So, in 2019, we decided to hold Open Worship Nights for more people, where we presented our first song, blessing many lives. With God's support, we realized we were anointed to do this for His glory.

God opened doors, and we began taking our ministry to other churches. Gradually, the word spread, and Our Music started becoming known throughout the city. We received the necessary support to take the big leap: Recording Our Music Professionally.

In May 2020, we released our first official song, 'DESEABLE,' our debut single that helped many people rekindle their passion for God and established the name of Cita Con el Padre (CCP) as a music reference in San Pedro de Macorís.

Moved by the growth God had declared over us and armed with New Music and a New Anointing, in September 2021, we began a Tour with the purpose of preparing ourselves and the city, part of the country, for the Live Recording of Our Songs.

After a full year of hard work on the tour, sharing Our Music and Testimony, God granted us victory. In September 2022, we held 'A UNA SOLA VOZ (Live),' the Live Recording of the ministry's album, capturing live videos and music of Our Songs.

In January 2023, we released the album's first song, titled 'ENTRADA TRIUNFAL,' which reached 150,000 plays within a month of its release. The song's reception has exceeded all our expectations. We've received testimonies from Central America, South America, and the United States.


Additionally, we've seen God's endorsement in each city where we've taken 'ENTRADA TRIUNFAL TOUR 2023,' alongside a team of Musicians, Singers, Intercessors, Sound Engineers, Photographers, and Videographers. What we're experiencing reaffirms God's call on our lives once more.

We are gearing up for the release of our second song in April titled 'EL SANTO.' This is one of the most anticipated songs by our Digital Community, and we believe it will be a blessing for the entire body of Christ. During the second half of the year, we'll be releasing the rest of the songs, including a Collaboration with the Award-winning Christian Artist Lorens Salcedo.

This is just the beginning. We know there's a great need for a Genuine Encounter with the Father, and we are committed to provoking it. Our greatest reward is seeing the hearts of the children turn to the Father.

Relevant Information:

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, was our first live recording, 'A UNA SOLA VOZ.' Following that event, we received several nominations at the YOUTH EXCELLENCE AWARDS in our city, held on January 30, 2023, and won in the following categories:

- Musical Group of the Year
- Event of the Year
- Revelation of the Year"

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